Serving the New Jersey counties of Burlington, Camden and Gloucester.


    A Better Way To Divorce In New Jersey

    What Is Collaborative Divorce?

    Collaborative divorce is a team approach to resolving divorce issues without resorting to litigation. It is outcome focused, solution-oriented, and client/family centered. Collaborative law is creative, less costly than traditional divorce litigation, confidential, and convenient. Watch the short video below from our president, Tricia Elliott M.S., L.P.C. as she provides an overview of the collaborative divorce process and why it's perfect for couples seeking divorce and for the professionals who serve them.

    How Do I Get Started?

    The first step involves having a consultation with a collaborative divorce attorney. Please refer to the Directory of Professionals located on this website to help you begin your search for the collaborative attorney who best suits your needs. The collaborative divorce attorneys have strategies and guidelines that can help you begin the process and get your spouse on board as well. Members of South Jersey Collaborative Divorce Professionals are here to help you manage the transition and guide you to a post-divorce resolution settlement.

    Find A Collaborative Professional

    The South Jersey Collaborative Divorce Professionals are located throughout the New Jersey counties of Burlington, Camden and Gloucester and is comprised of collaboratively trained attorneys, financial neutrals, divorces coaches, and child specialists and advisors who are committed to resolving divorce disputes respectfully.

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